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Inter Americano and National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning cordially invite you to a workshop with Katherine Stannett at Inter Americano Centro this Thursday, July 27th, from 9:15 to 11:30.

Topic 1:
 Teaching a language – Educating a person  

ABSTRACT – As ELT professionals, we are tasked with teaching our students a new language.  In this talk I will be looking at how language is so much more than just a school topic; so much more than just a collection of words stuck together with the glue of grammar. I will be examining how our language tells us about our culture and our society and how it enables our students to describe and examine their own lives, realities and culture. I will explore how, as teachers, we can fulfill the increasing demands made on us, by creating a global classroom for our English lessons; a classroom in which all students are welcome, all students feel motivated to participate and all students can progress. Finally, I will argue that, in this global classroom, we can provide a truly supportive, flexible, 21st century education for our students.

Topic 2: Making an Impact: teaching our students to be global explorers  

ABSTRACT – Today’s teenage students have limitless access to information; they can connect around the world at any time of day and night; they have more opportunities to travel than at any time in our past. How can we arm our students with the necessary skills to navigate their journey in this new and exciting 21st century world? In this workshop participants will be encouraged to reflect on the 21st century learner and to discuss their own students and how they interact with the world around them. Together, we will exchange views about how we can develop students’ technological literacy so that they are able to extract the most significant facts that they need from the wealth of information available to them. We will think about the tools needed to help our students become creative and critical thinkers. Then, using videos, photographs and true stories from some of National Geographic’s most inspirational explorers, we will look at a variety of topics and discuss how we can make them interesting and relevant to students. Finally, we will talk about how we can empower them to go out and make a positive impact on their world.

Katherine Stannett is an author with over twenty years of experience. She spent two years in Japan in the 1990s, teaching English to a wide variety of students in different settings. She is the co-author of several successful secondary series and has also written articles, songs and raps for popular EFL magazines. Most recently, she has written two levels of the new National Geographic Middle School series, ‘Impact’. She has given presentations and run workshops in countries around the world, including Poland, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Honduras, Nicaragua, Spain and Slovenia and also conducts webinars from her home office in the UK